Making Plans

This weekend was crazy busy but we also had a lot of time to chill as well.

On Friday night Shawn went to play cards and Tyler went with him.  Megan and Ryan and I headed to McDonald’s to run off some cold-weather cabin fever. That play place is like an instant upper for my kids.  They absolutely love it and I love having a few moments to myself.  We picked Tyler up from the card game and hung out for a few minutes and were home by about 8:30…Ryan got immediately hosed down and then to bed.  The three of us watch Matilda which was such a cute movie.  All three of us really loved it and I would highly recommend it for kids ages 5-8.

Saturday morning started off with wrestling practice for Tyler and a trip to the gym for me and Megan and Ryan.  I had an intense 50 minutes of Muscle Max and was just getting started on my 20 minute walk/run to finish when I saw a little body running around the gym that looked familiar.  It turns out that Ryan escaped the nursery and was having his own kind of work-out.  I almost couldn’t believe my eyes.  The people in the nursery had no idea this had happened and were surprised when I brought him back.  They apologized a million times over, but I felt like he had had enough for the day so we got Megan and left.

Afterwards, Megan’s BFF, Addy, came over and we headed to the big gym and played volleyball, basketball, racquetball, and some gymnastics.  It was a pretty great afternoon.  The rest of the night went by in a blur…church, Megan went to a sleepover, watching football and early bed for the rest of us.

Sunday started out bright and early with another round of church (I was speaking at both masses about our school, so that is  why I went twice). Then I had to bust it across town to watch Tyler wrestle.  For having been off for about three weeks, he did amazing. I am so proud of how hard that kid has worked during this season.  I am actually amazed every time I watch him.  When it was over we took Tyler out to lunch at Zoup (so good!) and he enjoyed the one on one time with us.  The I went grocery shopping, we picked Ryan up from his grandma’s and Shawn picked Megan up from Addy’s.

We enjoyed a family dinner (delicious roast beef and mashed potatoes, and sweet peas), took showers, and everyone was in bed by 7:15, including the adults. #weparty

It was a packed weekend but a good one.

I have been thinking a lot about this new year and things that I want to change this year over last. There are a lot of wonderful things that happened to me in 2016.  I took control of my eating and exercise which made a world of difference in many aspects of my life.  However, there are some things I put on the back-burner while I was settling into my new lifestyle.

First of all, our finances are not good.  Without getting into too much detail, it has been a rough year.  I am bound and determined to get out finances in order this year.  I have been talking with a financial planner and using the Dave Ramsey program to figure out what we need to do to get our family out from under. Shawn and I both make a good living and we should be much farther ahead then where we are.  The one thing we have going for us is that we both have great retirement savings and plans and we contribute well to that.  But, the day to day this year has pretty much sucked.

I plan to pay off two credit cards that have somewhat low balances but have had balances for the last two years.  I want to be credit card dept free by next January.  This is doable and achievable and I have a plan to start paying weekly on both until one is paid off and then paying the other with the amount I was paying both (this is a Dave Ramsey strategy) until that is paid off.  I actually think these could be paid off realistically by June if I really put the work in.  After that, all the money I was paying each week on credit card debt will go directly into savings.  I have a number in my head that I would like to have saved by the end of the year.  It is not a ton of money, but enough that if we have something break or something go wrong in the house we will not be strapped to get it fixed. I feel like we have spent the past year “robbing Peter to pay Paul” and I am sick to death of living like that.  I want financial freedom.

I definitely believe that if we get our finances in order then everything else in our lives will fall into place and be a little less “heavy” on us.  Shawn is game with my plan so I have his buy-in which will make things easier for me.  With that, I have made a plan to also not spend any money on clothes or shoes or anything unnecessary  for myself or the kids until after March 1.  Not that I spend that much money on material things, but every bit counts and if I am not putting anything on the credit cards the debt will go away sooner.

Finally, I am going to try and keep our grocery budget under control.  This means that I will not be making additional trips to the grocery store during the week (unless we are out of milk or diapers…that cannot happen).  I am going to meal plan and keep to the list and make it a goal to spend an average amount (that I have an exact number for) each week.  If I didn’t buy it during my weekly haul we will have to do without it until the next week. Period.

I actually feel really good getting this out of my head and on paper.  I like to have goals that are achievable and like I said before, if our finances are in order I feel like everything else in our lives will be better.  Last year was a difficult year for our marriage as well and it really does have a lot to do with not feeling secure in our finances.

I will periodically check in with some updates, if I think about it.  But, I am  hoping moving into 2018 will look much different for us.

Do you have any achievable goals or plans for 2017?


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