A Slightly Opinionated Post

I don’t consider myself a very political person. I don’t really involve myself in political discussions, nor do I engage with people who want to debate politics. It’s just not my thing.

But this political climate has gotten me thinking, actually almost enraged.  For a moment yesterday I thought I might have to log off of Facebook for a while. I just don’t understand all of the tension. Maybe I am naive, but I do get it. I get that the candidate some people wanted didn’t win. I can appreciate the dedication people have. I can even see feeling skeptical and even a bit uneasy about the next four years.

What I can’t wrap my head around is the nastiness that has been brought out by so many people who claim to want equality for everyone. The low blows that have been put in writing about a child who did not run for office nor asked for the spotlight. The pure hatred for a person that in a sense has made no bones about his views and was ELECTED by voters just as every other president has been elected forty four times before him.

I don’t think you deserve a trophy because you showed up, I believe working hard and dedicating yourself to something may be the road to victory, but I am realistic to say that even if you put everything into something you don’t always come out on top. And that has to be okay. 

In life, there are winners and for every winner there are 10 times the amount of losers. With anything you do in life you have to do it because you are passionate about it, because you enjoy it, and because you want to get something out of it. Not everyone gets the starting position, not everyone gets the accolades, not everyone gets the prize. And a lot of times an arrogant, selfish, nasty person (who you think doesn’t deserve to win) wins.

But everyone has the opportunity to grow, to learn, and to become better just by participating. It’s how you take the loss and move forward from it that really defines what victory really is. It’s the time spent in self-reflection and planning a new goal that makes you better for the next time.

Whether I was happy or sad about the new president, I am going to live my life just as I always have. I am going to hold my loved ones tight, I am going to teach my children love and tolerance and acceptance. I will learn from my mistakes and move forward in search of new opportunities to make a world a better, brighter place. And I don’t need to march with a million strangers to do that.

Tyler got second…again…not THE winner, but my winner!


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