On the Dumps

Guys, I have been in a three month stall. Since November 24 I have been losing and gaining the same 2-3 pounds. It has been miserable. While I know plateaus are part of the process, mentally that fact does not make this any easier. I have been working out HARD. My eating has been on point since the new year. I did give myself some grace over he holidays but I didn’t indulge nearly as much as I could have. I only weigh in monthly, but I have been stepping on the scale more often hoping something would change and those pounds would be gone forever.

I don’t really have a goal weight. I figure when I am close to where I want to be I would figure it out then. With how I look and feel now, I figure I have a good 25+ pounds still to go.  The weight I am currently sitting at is what I weight about 14 years ago. I was head first into Weight Watchers at that time and had lost a good chunk of weight then. About this time was when I met my husband and we were on the fast track of dating, marriage, fun, and kids. This is also when the weight slowing began to creep on. Subsequently, I was sitting higher then my heightest WW weight when instarted this journey last January.

So here’s the fact, Jack…I am scared. Scared that I will never get past their weight. Scared that I will not successfully lose all I need to lose. Scared of gaining.

It’s a bad spot to be in.

Feeling kinda small

But I have resolved to keep doing what I am doing and working as hard as I can to get through this. 

I will get through this.


2 thoughts on “On the Dumps

  1. In my view, the body knows where it likes to stay. In my situation, I started at 338. My goal was to get under 200 lbs. I am 5’11”. Weight watchers, something I check in with for accountability but did not follow this time around, said I should be 179. I laughed and said, don’t think my Body would ever let me be there. I was 175 when I met my husband and felt terrible trying to starve myself to stay there. Fast forward to today. I checked into my month maintenance January 4th at 152.2. I have been here for about 10 months. I feel great, lots of energy, still eat carefully and mostly Whole Foods, and no crap foods. It’s crazy that I am this low–the point was I was happy at 199.8 and I am happy here. I let my body acclimate when it wanted to and hang when it wanted, my only job was to not worry about and just keep feeding it healthy and moving it in a healthy manner. Good luck!


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