Let’s Talk Running

I think I have mentioned before that I am really not interested in becoming a runner.  I would like to do one 5k race just to say I did it, but other than that, not really for me.  Well, I must say, for the past couple of weeks I have been working on my running stamina.  Since I have stalled out of weight loss I thought it might help get me out of the plateau if I did some different exercises.  Most runners are not fat, so I thought (logic) that it made sense to try it.

Verdict: I am still convinced I will never be a runner.


I have kind of started enjoying pushing myself.  Running is definitely one of those exercises that you can see progress quite quickly.   I am not a data geek by any means, but I have noted that I started with a baseline 5K time of 45 minutes (15 minute-ish miles pretty much walking).  About two weeks ago I did another experimental run and saw that my 5K time was 42.30.  Almost 3 minutes faster, that is progress.  Last night I did another 5K and couldn’t believe that my time was 40.25.  FIVE MINUTES people!!!! Five minutes in about a month I have taken off my time.

Now I am kind of craving the competition with myself to be better.  Running I don’t love. Beating my own times…I love.

So we shall see where this takes me.

But I am pretty convinced that I do not like to run.


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