A Weekend in Sick

I am presently sitting in my chair in the family room listening to my little boys make a huge mess behind me. To say I am done is sort of the understatement of my life.

My kids have been sick…like, throw up in my bed at 2 am kind of sick. 

I feel like it has gone on forever. 
I have basically spent the entire weekend inside cleaning up various forms of human specimens. 

On top of the stomach flu, Ryan thought a penny would be, and I quote, “delicious, money” on Friday night so I have been sifting through dirty diapers for said penny for three days. 

Being a mom is so glamorous…said no one ever.

Ironically (happily), I feel great. I have tons of energy, have been cleaning the house like a madwoman, and my workouts have been stellar. 

I even made cookies for the kids teachers for tomorrow.

Megan helped me decorate because she is feeling fine too. Thank goodness for Megan.

Oh and my in-laws (childcare) are also down for the count and cannot watch he boys. Hence, day “off” for mommy.

Lord help me.


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