Yesterday we had the day off because of all the sickness in our school. It was like a gift from Heaven.

It was such a beautiful day! Megan and Tyler sported shorts. We grabbed our neighbors and headed on an adventure which included two parks, a hike by the river, and ice cream. Always ice cream.

I carried Ryan and Tyler (not at the same time!) for pretty much the whole hike. It got me thinking about my weight (of course). Ryan weighs 41 pounds and Tyler weighs 55 pounds. I was worn out carrying them. I could do it, but, man, I was tuckered. 

In reality, I carried the weight of both of them around for about the last ten years. No wonder I was so tired and lethargic all the time! It really takes a reality like this to get me motivated for the rest of my weight loss journey. I want to lose about 20-25 more pounds (maybe more). To do this I need to get motivated and stick to the plan and not fall into old habits.

I can do this. I know I can. I just have to, well, do it. Focus on making the right choices right now. I want the weight off before summer and I know I can do it. 

Today after the gym I did a very healthy grocery haul…lots of lean protein, veggies, and fruit. Our whole family can benefit from less crap being in the house. 

Lunch was a delicious and healthy tuna salad that was delicious! And some nut thin crackers that are super tasty.

I have to do this. I want to do this. I am MOTIVATED to do this!


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