The Week is Getting Away

Quick update…the “10-Minute-No-Equipment-Needed-Fat-Burning-Workout” completely kicked my ass. Seriously, I was hardly able to walk on Friday and the pain continued throughout the weekend.  Holy-hell, I have never felt like that in my life.

We have a busy weekend and I am paying for it today.  The laundry. Oh, the laundry. How do five people accumulate so.much.laundry???

After a work-out and shower on Saturday morning, we headed North to spend the day with my mom.  I was feeling terrible.  Between my soreness from the previous work-out, female issues, and a headache that just would not leave, I was not my usual self.  My mom said that I was “lacking joy” which is an accurate description of where I am in my life right now. In fact, she and Shawn spent a good amount of time talking about how “Fat Liz” was so much happier and more bubbly then “Thin Liz.” And you know what?  They are completely right.  I am a total cliche. I was the “fun fat girl” for so long. Now I am in a weird space where I don’t know who I am.

It was sort of a wake-up call to me.  I do need to find my joy again.  I need to do things that will make me happy. I have to say,”yes” more to opportunities that will bring me joy. I might try that…next week. #goals

The kids had fun at a super-awesome place called “Rockin Jump.” Ryan was the happiest I have ever seen him.  He was way too cute jumping with the big kids. Megan proudly made it up the rock wall (twice!) and Tyler is a maniac.

Sunday started with church as a family. Two of the three kids were well behaved so I took that as a win. Then we had lunch together and 3/3 were awesome.  They love food, and eating, and playing games at the table.  Conversations included why we fart, why we need to brush teeth, and sharks in the ocean.  Very random.

When we got home I needed a nap, but I went grocery shopping. #adulting

And we celebrated my MIL’s 73 birthday at Red Lobster. I can never figure out if I like it there. I always think I do, but I never know what to order. These days, Shawn and I are splitting  meals so we got an assortment of shrimp.  It was okay.  Tyler got a steak because he is a six year old eating us out of house and home. Oy Vey, what are my grocery bills going to be like with two teenage boys someday?

I meant to publish this on Monday. I am behind in life.

Have a good week. Hump Day tomorrow!!!


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