In It to Win It

I am bound and determined to have a good week. I am setting myself up for success both physically and mentally. 

In my quest to fill 40 bags in 40 days I really cleaned out the basement this weekend. One of the reasons I hate going down there to work out is because I am OCD and can’t stand the mess down there. Does anyone out there agree that putting exercise off is so much easier when you can direct your energy to something else?  I just can’t workout with the room a mess. I know it seems insane but it is true!

Today was the day to get down there and purge so many things. We have a ton of unused toys down there and a lot of costumes that have seen their better days. And they were everywhere. No one ever puts anything away after they play with it. And the stuffed animals stuffing was everywhere as well. I think the kids wrestle with them and they break at the seams and just leave the mess. And there were lots of broken toys and pieces of games that did not go together. 

So I took two bags down there and came up with them filled. It was easy because I really didn’t care to keep any of that crap and nothing was good enough to salvage or donate. 

Done and done.

Now I can go down there in the morning and get my sweat on without feeling like I need to clean it.  Tomorrow morning I have a meeting with the “10 Minute No Equipment Workout”  at 5 am and I couldn’t be happier.  Seriously, decluttering makes me so happy!

I also packed my lunches up for the week.  I got Noosa yogurt, healthy wrap sandwiches and veggies. Yum-o.  And I am making dinner for two new moms in the church and will make some for us too…Italian chicken pasta. So, so good and super healthy.

In other events, I got 7 inches chopped off my hair this week. It was beginning to be a real drag and my head was killing me every night. So I just chopped it and I like it.

Don’t mind my crazy eyes

I head back to the weight loss specialists on April 5 and I would like to be down 100 pounds. I am so close yet so far! 

Anyway, have a great week!
What do you do to set yourself up for success?


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