Active Break

This past week was Spring Break for us. We hit the jackpot in that the weather was absolutely amazing! We could not have hand picked a better week.

And what a difference a year makes. This break was spent mostly outside and moving. What I lacked in formal workouts I made up in running, jumping, skipping, and chasing with my kids. It was an example of exactly why I have chosen to get my health in check. I want my kids to see me participating instead of sitting on the sidelines! 

Monday we mulched all day and the boys hung right there with us. It was not the most fun activity, but it needed to get done.

Tuesday started our week-long “Tour of Parks” which turned out to be a complete blast.

Why does Ryan get to eat a pretzel he found on the ground??

Legs for days

I hope they are always best buds

We picked up Megan in Columbus on Wednesday and managed a park before we took the two hour trip.

On Thursday we had a full day of different parks and it was amazing!

We ended the week at Kings Island (our happy place) to which I got zero pictures (big fail!). But we had an absolute blast. I noticed how much better I fit in all of the rides. For a moment I had an “oh, shit, am I going to fit” moment, but I didn’t need to worry at all!

We ended the week with Ty’s first baseball game. As expected he played like the champ he is!

And now we are back to school for five very over-booked weeks. 

Can’t wait for summer!

A Day in the Life in Food

Today started at 7:00. It was a dream to sleep that late. We are on spring break and Ryan decided to snooze a little later than normal. I woke up and changed into my workout clothes to get ready for the day.

We went downstairs and the boys were hungry. Megan is staying with her Grammy for a few days so she was not around. I made the boys waffles and scrambled eggs and made myself huevos rancheros. 

After a few bites it grossed me out a little. I have been struggling with eggs lately. Sometime I love them sometimes I hate them.

Before heading to the gym I had a Boost because I was running in empty.

After an hour sweat session (weights and cardio) I grabbed my guys from child-watch and we headed to the park. But first, coffee.

Iced decaf with coconut cream swirl and a bit of milk. It was delicious and the three of us split it.

We played for about three hours (it was so nice there and Tyler found friends from school to keep him occupied). By the time we left it was well past lunchtime and everyone was starving. The boys had leftover pizza and I had these…

Not the most substantial lunch in the world but they got the spot. Full disclosure: I also had a couple bits of pizza!

After lunch we went to our neighborhood park for more playing. It was just us as most kids are back at school this week. Now we are all sun kissed and tired!

Dinner happen shortly after lunch 😀. I had salmon with sautéed veggies and cabbage. And a few egg noodles on the bottom. 

I also ate out of a Peter Rabbit bowl. #dontjudge

For dessert I had a few white chocolate M&Ms. Thank God those are now gone. I have no restraint with those bad boys.

I am now sipping on iced tea and contemplating having a few cashews before I call it a night. 

Hope your Tuesday is a good one!

Spring Breaking

He is risen. Alleluia!

Easter weekend was one for the books. I had so much fun getting together with some of my girls on Friday night. It was relaxing and joyous and hilarious and I get all the good feels. My friends are truely a special lot! I love them so much and I missed the ones who were not able to join us.

I wore my new dress and I felt amazing in it. I also bought new shoes (wedges) that I was super happy with.  In fact, I did a lot of shopping over the weekend and am really pleased with all of my new goods.

Easter Sunday found our family separated. Shawn and Tyler went to Michigan for the spring game. They attended church there.

Megan, Ryan, and I went to church with my mom in Columbus.

Ryan was awful in church. But he looked cute.

We all met up at my in-laws house later in the day.

This is spring break week and we are going to P-A-R-T-Y!!! And by party, I mean landscape the yard and deep clean the house. 

I will be back sometime this week with an update of what I eat. Until then, have a great week!

Same Shirt

I am still trucking along over here. I actually think the extra dose of Vitamin D and Iron is making a difference in my mood…or it could possibly be the placebo effect. Not sure.

Nonetheless, I am starting to come out of my funk and feeling a little more like myself these days. It also could be the exceptional weather we are experiencing here. 75 degrees, sunny and zero humidity. Yes, please.

Friday starts spring break and I could not be any more excited. Also, girls weekend! Eek! 

My Facebook memories gave me another stunning picture of myself to look back on. This was spring of 2015.  I thought I looked relatively good that day until a friend posted this picture in Facebook. I was humiliated. I looked so fat.  I remember being so depressed about it. 

But now I can look back on it with some perspective. Yes, I was carrying a lot of weight, but look at how happy I was looking at my Tyler. It was a great day for him. This was the little league opening day parade. I was the team mom that season. And I am happy I have these memories to look back on and see how far this journey has taken me. 

Anyway, here is the picture…

And here I am today in the same shirt (different jeans).

Observation: There are a lot of clothes (mostly shirts)!that I fit into still with 100 pounds off my body. Of course, they fit differently (better) but they do still fit.

Have a great day!


So, this happened yesterday morning…

I decided to weigh in early this month because I had a feeling after my appointment last week that I was on the brink of something spectactulor.

To say I am thrilled would be the understatement of the world. I cannot contain my happiness. 100 pounds has been a goal of mine since I started this journey over a year ago. I actually thought it was going to happen sooner, but I am happy it has happened and feel like I can finally move forward. Man, it has been a long 4 months of plateaus and slow loss, but I have stuck to it and kept moving forward even when times have gotten tough.

I have never been so close to a goal weight in my life. At this point I am thinking I have between 20 and 30 pounds to go. But I have not been this low of a weight in my adult life so I am not sure where things are going to shake out.  

I actually feel comfortable in my own skin for the first time in decades.  Believe me, I hava a ways to go with my health and fitness, but I am finally feeling like the person who I always thought I was on the inside.

And just to keep things honest, here is what a 100 pound loss looks like. Same dress…

Fall, 2014


And here is a dress I bought myself to celebrate this momentous occasion. I hope I have enough inner strength to wear it to dinner this weekend with my girlfriends. It is way out of my comfort zone. But I think it is so pretty and feminine and something I have always wanted to be able to wear (and not look pregnant).

Look closely at that tag…okay, I will zoom in…

Yes, you read that right. It is a size 10. Now, I am not a size 10 by any means. Today I am  in a 16 pant comfortably and sometimes a 14 and an XL/L top. When I started my journey I was pretty much a 24/3X in most clothes.  This dress clearly ran large, but I will take it!!! I don’t think I have been in a size 10 since 7th grade.  

I celebrated by waking up early and doing yoga and then hitting the gym hard after work.  I am just so excited for the next phase of my journey, whatever that may be.

Thank you, loyal friends and readers (Beth, I am looking at you!) for being the best support system I could ask for.

A Light

I met with my doctor yesterday. We spent a good amount of time talking about my mental health. I felt listened to. It was good.

He seems to think part of my problem is a low Vitamin D and Iron level which showed in my blood work. He sent a prescription for both to my pharmacy and I picked hem up last night. He is not opposed to prescribing other medication if taking these supplements do not do the trick. 

I started taking them this morning and we shall see. This does make sense as well because I have been having extremely heavy periods (TMI) since having Ryan. It is bad to the point where I sometimes fee like I am going to pass out. Low Iron can also do that.  

I am optimistic for the first time in a long time so I will take it as a win.

In other life situations…

Ryan is becoming a big boy right before my eyes. We stopped he bottle which hasn’t been great but not horrible either. I am thinking about potty training (THINKING)  Him over spring break. It would be a game-changer if he could do it before the summer.

He also loves to sit at the island and eat his cereal like the big kids. He is so proud of himself. I can foresee out high chair being retired soon.

Tyler had a school project where he had to make a waffle ice cream sandwich. The kid hated it. What is wrong with him and whose child is he???

That face kills me.

And Megan has now seen Beauty and the Beast twice. Once for a birthday party and once with her Daisy troop (& mom’s). It was so good! I loved and it and might have cried a little.

She is in such a great stage of life right now. I totally love being around her and having conversations with her. 

And three years ago this week we threw and epic baby shower (overnight!) for my BFF and her sweet little man Henry. What fun we had!

Makes me miss my girlfriends. Luckily we are having another mini-reunion next weekend. I am so ready for some girl time!

Thursday! Thank goodness. I am ready for the weekend!