Same Shirt

I am still trucking along over here. I actually think the extra dose of Vitamin D and Iron is making a difference in my mood…or it could possibly be the placebo effect. Not sure.

Nonetheless, I am starting to come out of my funk and feeling a little more like myself these days. It also could be the exceptional weather we are experiencing here. 75 degrees, sunny and zero humidity. Yes, please.

Friday starts spring break and I could not be any more excited. Also, girls weekend! Eek! 

My Facebook memories gave me another stunning picture of myself to look back on. This was spring of 2015.  I thought I looked relatively good that day until a friend posted this picture in Facebook. I was humiliated. I looked so fat.  I remember being so depressed about it. 

But now I can look back on it with some perspective. Yes, I was carrying a lot of weight, but look at how happy I was looking at my Tyler. It was a great day for him. This was the little league opening day parade. I was the team mom that season. And I am happy I have these memories to look back on and see how far this journey has taken me. 

Anyway, here is the picture…

And here I am today in the same shirt (different jeans).

Observation: There are a lot of clothes (mostly shirts)!that I fit into still with 100 pounds off my body. Of course, they fit differently (better) but they do still fit.

Have a great day!


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