Spring Breaking

He is risen. Alleluia!

Easter weekend was one for the books. I had so much fun getting together with some of my girls on Friday night. It was relaxing and joyous and hilarious and I get all the good feels. My friends are truely a special lot! I love them so much and I missed the ones who were not able to join us.

I wore my new dress and I felt amazing in it. I also bought new shoes (wedges) that I was super happy with.  In fact, I did a lot of shopping over the weekend and am really pleased with all of my new goods.

Easter Sunday found our family separated. Shawn and Tyler went to Michigan for the spring game. They attended church there.

Megan, Ryan, and I went to church with my mom in Columbus.

Ryan was awful in church. But he looked cute.

We all met up at my in-laws house later in the day.

This is spring break week and we are going to P-A-R-T-Y!!! And by party, I mean landscape the yard and deep clean the house. 

I will be back sometime this week with an update of what I eat. Until then, have a great week!


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