A Day in the Life in Food

Today started at 7:00. It was a dream to sleep that late. We are on spring break and Ryan decided to snooze a little later than normal. I woke up and changed into my workout clothes to get ready for the day.

We went downstairs and the boys were hungry. Megan is staying with her Grammy for a few days so she was not around. I made the boys waffles and scrambled eggs and made myself huevos rancheros. 

After a few bites it grossed me out a little. I have been struggling with eggs lately. Sometime I love them sometimes I hate them.

Before heading to the gym I had a Boost because I was running in empty.

After an hour sweat session (weights and cardio) I grabbed my guys from child-watch and we headed to the park. But first, coffee.

Iced decaf with coconut cream swirl and a bit of milk. It was delicious and the three of us split it.

We played for about three hours (it was so nice there and Tyler found friends from school to keep him occupied). By the time we left it was well past lunchtime and everyone was starving. The boys had leftover pizza and I had these…

Not the most substantial lunch in the world but they got the spot. Full disclosure: I also had a couple bits of pizza!

After lunch we went to our neighborhood park for more playing. It was just us as most kids are back at school this week. Now we are all sun kissed and tired!

Dinner happen shortly after lunch 😀. I had salmon with sautéed veggies and cabbage. And a few egg noodles on the bottom. 

I also ate out of a Peter Rabbit bowl. #dontjudge

For dessert I had a few white chocolate M&Ms. Thank God those are now gone. I have no restraint with those bad boys.

I am now sipping on iced tea and contemplating having a few cashews before I call it a night. 

Hope your Tuesday is a good one!


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