Active Break

This past week was Spring Break for us. We hit the jackpot in that the weather was absolutely amazing! We could not have hand picked a better week.

And what a difference a year makes. This break was spent mostly outside and moving. What I lacked in formal workouts I made up in running, jumping, skipping, and chasing with my kids. It was an example of exactly why I have chosen to get my health in check. I want my kids to see me participating instead of sitting on the sidelines! 

Monday we mulched all day and the boys hung right there with us. It was not the most fun activity, but it needed to get done.

Tuesday started our week-long “Tour of Parks” which turned out to be a complete blast.

Why does Ryan get to eat a pretzel he found on the ground??

Legs for days

I hope they are always best buds

We picked up Megan in Columbus on Wednesday and managed a park before we took the two hour trip.

On Thursday we had a full day of different parks and it was amazing!

We ended the week at Kings Island (our happy place) to which I got zero pictures (big fail!). But we had an absolute blast. I noticed how much better I fit in all of the rides. For a moment I had an “oh, shit, am I going to fit” moment, but I didn’t need to worry at all!

We ended the week with Ty’s first baseball game. As expected he played like the champ he is!

And now we are back to school for five very over-booked weeks. 

Can’t wait for summer!


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