Man, life is so busy right now. As a teacher I fee like May is the busiest month of the year. So much to cover, so many special things going on. It takes it out of me!

This is also the first year both kids are playing a different sport. It is crazy and has me running myself ragged! So much fun, but so much work (especially with a 2 year old in tow!).

Last weekend was Shawn’s birthday. We had a great date night. We went to Tony’s in Lexington, KY and it felt so special. We really talked about a lot of things and it was so nice. 

I had the BEST manicure a couple of weeks ago at my girls weekend. I am going on three weeks and it is amazing how well my nails have held up.

This weekend is going to be busy as well. Lots of games and. Family first communion and a bunch of other stuff. 

Man, I am ready for summer.


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