Meal Prepping

We had the most fabulous weekend. It felt like we got so much accomplished but we’re also able to relax and have some fun. I love that.

Games were canceled because we had so much rain on Thursday and Friday, but Saturday turned out to be the most beautiful spring day. We spent the morning getting caught up on life and the afternoon and evening celebrating our cousins First Communion with church and a very fun party.

Sunday was amazing. Another beautiful day. We already went to church Saturday afternoon so it was like we had the day to ourselves. Shawn took Megan for softball pictures and then to play at a friend’s house and I spent the afternoon meal Prepping while Ryan napped and Tyler played in the yard (okay, I played for a while too!).

Meal Prepping is such a pain but totally worth it. I love spending time cooking once and then having tons of good choices for the week. It makes making lunches and dinners a breeze. Here is what I did:

Ground taco beef. One for us, one for a friend who just had a baby. Making tacos on Monday and a zoodle-beef casserole type thing Wednesday.

Roasted sweet potatoes. Some for breakfasts in the morning and some for our Sunday dinner which was steak and corn with these potatoes on the side.

Stewed black beans and tomatoes. To have on the side with the tacos, to mix in with eggs for breakfast, and to eat with cheese and sour cream (like a soup) for lunches.

Brownie for my friend who had the baby and a few for our family for after Sunday dinner.

Bento box lunches for Megan. PB & J, grapes, carrots, and Colby-jack cheese. Any mom’s out there tired of making lunches??? My kids used to be fine with anything but as the year has gone on they have become super picky. Tyler has decided his wants to buy daily which is fine by me, a waste of money, but fine.

Do you meal prep? 

What are your go-to dinners for busy week nights?


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