Ryan turned into a dinosaur at the library this week.

So did his mommy.

I always forget how awesome the library is for kids until we go there. Then I think, “we should do this more often.”  This summer we will! It is my goal to make it over there quite a few times this summer. It is a nice quite activity for the kids to do. We spend so much time running it is good for them to just be able to sit. I am also trying to read a bunch of books for fun this summer. I miss reading and my season of life is finally at a point where I can (sometimes) chill with a book. Less social media, more books!

Last week my mom came down and we took a day to head to the dairy farm. It is about an hour from our house but absolutely worth the drive. My only regret is that we didn’t get there earlier in the day to enjoy all of the activities I had no idea!). I am hoping we can get back here to meet my BFF and her son for the day.

Here are some pictures:

What a great day. Except Ryan was afraid of the barn with the animals.  That’s why there are so many pictures of him…my mom kept the big kids in the barn and Ryan and I climbed tractors. Good times!

I have been focusing a lot of effort on getting exercise classes in. I would really like to lose these last few pounds and start year 2 strengthing up pretty much every problem area on my body. I am happy where I am but there is always room for improvement!

Gotta run. Have a great day! 


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