Potty Training

My kids are on my last nerve.

There. I said it.

There is a new sherif in town and it has not been pretty. Ryan has some serious behavior issues that need to be addressed (by us and a behavioral psychologist) so the doctor suggested we start with time outs for bad behavior and walking away from whining.

Well, if you are going to do this with one you have to do it with all.

The kids are not happy about this.

It is making me miserable.

But it is working.

Yesterday I started the “3 Day Potty Training Method.”

It sucks because you are a slave to your own home and cannot leave. And we are go-go-goers. 

Day one was as expected. A million accidents and no potty time.  Day 2 has not been much better. Although I think he is holding it. I am optimistic but tentative.

Since I cannot leave the house I have also been VERY VERY LAZY. This is not good. I need to do a home workout today but I can’t leave Ryan = problematic!

Happy birthday to my BFF Bethie! I love this girl! 

A Week of Workouts

I am trying to stay current with this blog, but it seems like I have so many other things going on and I am choosing to put those before this. However, I do want to have a place to keep and preserve memories of my journey. So today I am going to start a new series called “A Week of Workouts” where I can record what I did to move my booty this week…

  • Monday: muscle max strength class (50 minutes)
  • Tuesday: cardio mix aerobic class (50 minutes) and treadmill walking at a daily quick pace (30 minutes)
  • Wednesday: home workout with step aerobics and some weight training, HIIT style (45 minutes)
  • Thursday: walked a ton with the kids and my mom all over the city
  • Friday: Tabata and glutes & abs classes (total 50 minutes)
  • Saturday: muscle max strength class and possibly some running on the treadmill 

Overall it was a good week. I got myself moving everyday and sweated it out. I have really come to love exercising (after I get dressed, my motivation is gone before then). I am on a sweet spot where my kids still like to come to the gym Childwatch so I don’t have to worry about them.


I have not pictures this week…but Ryan took a million of me of vacation, so, you’re welcome!

Have a great weekend!

Health and Fitness

The struggle is real over here, folks.

I am constantly in a state of hunger/starvation/bad choices/good choices…you see that I mean?

I am trying, really trying to get in a ton of protein and water each day, but sometimes all I feel like eating is crackers. 

No bueno. 

This was a great choice. I love salads with lots of toppings

Being on vacation did not help. But now that I am home and back to some sort of normalcy I need to get back on track with both my diet and my exercise plan. 

I am desperate to tone up this summer. I have learned that when you lose and extreme amount of weight a whole host of other issues happen; sagging skin, raisin-like breasts (TMI) and just over-all body distortion. But I am working through that and the best way to feel great is to exercise on the regular.

So here I am back on the bandwagon and happy to have a few more weeks of summer to enjoy. It has been a good one.


We just got back from a ten day vacation and I am having a hard time putting the last week and a half into words. We had a wonderful time of togetherness. The kids were great and we stayed in a very beautiful spot on the beach.

It was a busy and active vacation. We spent so much time on the beach, hit up a couple of awesome playgrounds, and swam until we couldn’t swim anymore. 

In a word, it was exhausting!

But so much fun and so many awesome memories were made.

I am heading to my moms for a few days and then I will be happy to be back to some sort of normalcy for the rest of the summer.