Health and Fitness

The struggle is real over here, folks.

I am constantly in a state of hunger/starvation/bad choices/good choices…you see that I mean?

I am trying, really trying to get in a ton of protein and water each day, but sometimes all I feel like eating is crackers. 

No bueno. 

This was a great choice. I love salads with lots of toppings

Being on vacation did not help. But now that I am home and back to some sort of normalcy I need to get back on track with both my diet and my exercise plan. 

I am desperate to tone up this summer. I have learned that when you lose and extreme amount of weight a whole host of other issues happen; sagging skin, raisin-like breasts (TMI) and just over-all body distortion. But I am working through that and the best way to feel great is to exercise on the regular.

So here I am back on the bandwagon and happy to have a few more weeks of summer to enjoy. It has been a good one.


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