A Week of Workouts

I am trying to stay current with this blog, but it seems like I have so many other things going on and I am choosing to put those before this. However, I do want to have a place to keep and preserve memories of my journey. So today I am going to start a new series called “A Week of Workouts” where I can record what I did to move my booty this week…

  • Monday: muscle max strength class (50 minutes)
  • Tuesday: cardio mix aerobic class (50 minutes) and treadmill walking at a daily quick pace (30 minutes)
  • Wednesday: home workout with step aerobics and some weight training, HIIT style (45 minutes)
  • Thursday: walked a ton with the kids and my mom all over the city
  • Friday: Tabata and glutes & abs classes (total 50 minutes)
  • Saturday: muscle max strength class and possibly some running on the treadmill 

Overall it was a good week. I got myself moving everyday and sweated it out. I have really come to love exercising (after I get dressed, my motivation is gone before then). I am on a sweet spot where my kids still like to come to the gym Childwatch so I don’t have to worry about them.


I have not pictures this week…but Ryan took a million of me of vacation, so, you’re welcome!

Have a great weekend!


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