Janea on her blog gave a fun survey for her readers to complete, so I thought I would do it on here. Her blog is pretty awesome, even for non-runners.  It is one of my regular reads.

Favorite place you’ve traveled to?

  • Hawaii on my honeymoon.  It was so relaxing and our pool was amazing  I am definitely a beach girl and prefer relaxing by the pool over anything on vacation.

Worst pain you’ve ever experienced?

  • A cyst on my lower region during my pregnancy with Ryan.  It was awful.  Definitely worse than actual childbirth.

Who was the last person you took a picture with?

  • Ryan Robert.  He loves selfies.

If you could talk to ANYONE right now, who would it be?

  • My dad.  I miss him like crazy every single day.  I definitely miss our daily phone calls.

Ever had stitches?

  • Yes. On my ring finger.

Nail polish… yay or nay?

  • Always.

If you could have any career, what would it be?

  • Teacher. Cheesy as it may sounds I love being a teacher and wouldn’t change it for the world.

Does pineapple belong on pizza?

  • Most definitely.

You have the remote; what channel?

  • HGTV or TLC or BRAVO

If you were an animal… what would you be?

  • A lazy dog that sleeps a lot.

Did you grow up in the city or country?

  • Westerville, OH…total suburbia

Are you taller than your mom?

  • Yes.  She is 5’7″ I am 5’11”

When was the last time you cried?

  • This morning.

What percentage of the time are you listening to something while you work out?

  • 100% of the time I am either watching Netflix or listening to the instructor or music in my exercise class.


Give it a try!  I would love to hear from anyone out there!

Meal Planning Monday

Maybe someday I will take some pictures of my children playing sports. Every week I say I am going to do it and then I don’t. Sometimes I just hate myself for this reason.

Our weekend was filled with a lot of games but also a ton of fun. We are definitely in a fall groove that works for us. I am actually enjoying the weekends right now.

This weekend I prepped once and will eat healthy lunches and snacks all week.

The best thing I mad with the most nutritional bang for its buck was a healthy version of lasagna. It was prepared with whole wheat noodles, low fat ricotta, lean beef, and my most secrete sauce…

That, my friends, is three cups of raw puréed vegetables that I mixed in with the meat and sauce. It made it thick and delicious and VERY yummy. I loved it.

And, big news, even my kids are this and loved it! They actually THANKED ME for dinner and gobbled it up. I almost cried.

That will be my lunch all week with a side of green beans.

I also made a delicious breakfast bake with tons of veggies in it for breakfasts this week. I am going to pair it with whole grain English muffins and Almond butter.

Snacks will be the usual nuts and cheese. Delicious and full of protein!

Did you cook anything worth mentioning this weekend?

Night Shift

I started working at my local YMCA this summer.

I worked a bunch of random shifts and since I could bring the kids along (I work in Childwatch) it was a perfect fit.

Fast forward to the fall and I have gotten into a Friday night shift that is perfect for me. I work 4-7 every Friday night, get a (very) small paycheck every two weeks, and a great family membership to the Y. It really is a great deal.

Here is the best part…hardly anyone brings their kids in. I am pretty much alone unless I have my own kids with me. I clean, read a book, clean, check social media, clean, and then go home!

I hope everyone has a great weekend. We have a million games tomorrow and then sweet nothing on Sunday!

A Real “Morning in the Life”

I read so many blogs about “A Day in the Life” and sit back and laugh and laugh and laugh. In the blogging world people sugarcoat EVERYTHING. No ones life is that perfect and no ones kids behave like that/eat that healthy all the time. Reading these updates could make me feel inferior, but it doesn’t because I can only do what I can do while I manage life day in and day out. Everyone in my household is (relatively) happy and healthy and I am raising GOOD KIND PEOPLE. That is really all I care about.

So, let’s be real…here is what a morning in my life looks like (I should preface this with I am OCD organized and pretty much everything is done in the evening before bed…uniforms are laid out, lunches packed, homework checked, etc):

  • 4:05am: Ryan is awake for the third time and I don’t think he is going back to bed. He is all about Ironman being eaten by a dolphin.
  • 4:45am: I roll out of bed after listening to Ryan babble on and on to get ready for the gym.
  • 4:46am: realize I started my period and I have no tampons. Fun. Start searching though bags and purses and finally find one.
  • 4:55am: Leave Ryan in my bedroom with a sleeping Tyler and husband and hope for the best 🤗 and head to the gym.
  • 5:10am: Arrive at the gym and run 1.5 miles (in 20 minutes, my fastest ever) and then start Body Pump class.
  • 6:20am: Leave gym and head to Kroger for tampons.
  • 6:40am: Home, in shower, out of shower, lights on for kids, craziness ensues for the next 40minutes…help kids get dressed, brush teeth, argue over breakfast choices, Megan wants to study continents one last time (test today), Ryan pees on the floor (potty training = sucks the life out of me), Tyler spills his cereal and milk and we need to change his shirt (happens pretty much daily), shoes on, teeth brushed, hair combed, etc, etc.
  • 7:20am: Out the door, in the car, drinking coffee, heading to work. The kids ride the bus (even though we go to the same place) and I have five minutes of alone time to decompress before my teaching day starts.

This is FAKE NEWS…no one is smiling or happy like this except on the first day 😂

Morning are pretty much a shit-show no matter how much prep I do or what time I wake the kids up. This year I have finally just accepted that. I am a one woman show (my husband does get the kids on the bus) and the kids need me/want me to help them with everything. I try to feed them a balanced breakfast and by balanced I mean cereal with banana, toast with peanut butter, or eggs; but sometimes a cheese stick or an apple or a leftover piece of cold pizza or nothing at all has to do. They do brush hair and teeth every morning and I iron uniforms on the weekend because I am anal like that.

I will not give up my workouts in the mornings under any circumstance. That isn’t an option for me. Call me selfish call me a bad mom I don’t agree with you. That workout keeps me centered and sane and is pretty much the only hour I have of alone time without kids all day everyday (I am a teacher).

Looking scary in the am!!! But I ran. I really ran!

So there you have it. I will do a night time run-down sometime too. Evenings are a shit-show as well.

How are your mornings?

Do you ever read blogs and think “this cannot be real?”

Trivial Tuesday

I thought today I would share some things that might seem trivial to other people but have been sort of a big deal to me lately. With what is happening in our world (natural disasters, riots, etc) I am totally aware that my problems are very first world and pretty tiny compared, but they matter to me. So here we go…five trivial things in my life that are BIG DEALS to me:

  1. My skin…I have more acne on my face then I have had in my entire life. Seriously, I have been Googling the heck out of “cystic acne” and “adult acne” and “acne pre-menopause” and “food that causes acne” and nothing seems to be making sense to me. I have never been to a dermatologist but I may need to go. I seriously look like a 15 year old boy!
  2. Ryan’s Sleep...My claim to fame in parenting is that Ryan has slept through the night since the day he was born. He was in the Special Care Unit for a day because of breathing issues and the nurses could not believe how much that boy slept. My other two never slept so I feel like I can brag on Ryan (also, I know this really means nothing about my parenting it just happens). Anyway, this past week he has turned into a HORRIBLE sleeper. He started climbing out of his crib a week ago and has been getting up 5-6 times a night. My hubby took the front of the crib yesterday and it was worse that night. I don’t know what I am going to do. I.Need.Sleep.
  3. Ailments…I am not one to complain, but over the course of the last month I have had horrible back pain, knee issues, and now my hip feels like it is out of its socket. I feel like I am in the best shape I have ever been in yet I am literally falling apart limb by limb. Unbelievable.
  4. Meal Prep...I made a “healthy” version of Chicken Parmesan last night. I ate it and found it to be delicious. I am the only one on my house that felt this way because no one else would even eat it. Such a bummer. Parents…how do you get your kids to eat good food???? Mine will literally try NOTHING new. They only want tacos…Speaking of tacos…
  5. Girlfriends…I wish I had more time to spend with my girls. This season of life I feel like I need them the most but in reality I never have a chance to catch up with them. I love me some girl time and I need it!

Meal Prepping Monday

After a long hiatus, I am back to meal prepping on Sunday. We have been lucky since school has started. All of our activities have fallen on Saturday, so while our Saturday is crazy, Sunday has truly been a day for doing adulting things…church, lunches, signing folders, laundry, ironing, and, of course, MEAL PREP! So much fun!

I started with tuna salad (#looksdisgustingtastesdelicious).

This was made with white meat tuna, carrots, onions, celery, and hard boiled eggs. I enjoy a little crunch in my salad. The dressing is 2 tablespoons of mustard and 1 tablespoons of Hellman’s Real mayo.

This can be eaten over greens, in a sandwich or straight from the container. Let’s be honest, 9 times out of 10 I will eat this straight up. Protein for the win!

Next was carrots and celery. If I prep them and put them in baggies I am more likely to eat them and pack them in my kids lunches. I also washed apples, grapes and blueberries and put the into ready-to-grab containers. In the back are cheese sticks and gogurts for quick snack options.

Finally, cheese and nuts were portioned and placed in containers. I must admit I have spent a fortune on Sargento ready-to-eat containers of cheese and nuts. Then I came out of the fog, developed a grocery budget and realized that had to change. I spent $14 on containers in August and have saved probably $50 on this item buying bulk cheese at Costco and bulk nuts at Trader Joe’s.

I have been protesting dinners lately. I spend so much time making them and then people (aka my kids) will not eat anything. Momma ain’t got time for that! So I am trying to make some kid-friendly but healthy dinners so that maybe, just maybe I won’t have to hear so much whining.

Dinners this week will be as follows:

Monday: Chicken Parmesan sandwiches or salads

Tuesday: Mongolian Beef with brown rice

Wednesday: Leftover ham and beans with pasta and spinach

Thursday: Grilled Cheese and Tomato Soup

Friday: Most likely Pizza

Hopefully I am setting myself up for success this week. I am trying to eat a little more clean then I have been so we will see how that goes. Deprivation is not my style so I am making subtle changes as to not feel deprived or overwhelmed.

Happy eating!


My sweet Megan turned 8 on Thursday. All she has wanted for her birthday and let us know for the last 6 months was an iPod and to take one friend zip lining with me.

Wish = Granted.

She deserves the world and more. We just love her so much and she is so easy to love. Megan is funny and smart and kind and full of joy. She is a good friend and teammate. She is a hard worker and also loves to play. All around she is awesome.

Today we went zip lining and I couldn’t help but think that a year and a half ago I would not have been able to make the weight limit to take her. It was a bucket list item fulfilled for sure.

This is the reason I work so hard.

This is the reason I get up every morning at 4:35.

This is the reason I decided to get my health in order on December 8, 2015.

It was all for this moment and moments like this that I took a leap of faith to make my life better than I could have ever imagined. I felt great today. I was not tired or winded or sluggish. I could have done another 10 lines.

Happy birthday my sweet girl. I wish you a year full of an abundance of joy and happiness. My God reveal more plans for you!


Well it has been a long time since I have blogged. I can’t really say why this is because I do enjoy blogging. Maybe it is time or effort or lack of pictures or three little humans being super needy. I am not sure.

Life is just life. I am not up to anything particularly special or necessary to write about. I guess you could say I am in the throes of motherhood, where the days are long and the years are short.

Speaking of short years, this sweet thing will be eight in a few days.

This deserves it own post.

The school year has started in a whirlwind and I am over committing myself even though I promised myself I wouldn’t.

I have been on strike from cooking for my family (except Sunday) because, let’s face it, I can’t multitask that well and I don’t enjoy cooking and having no one eat the food.

PB & J it is . Throw some carrots on the plate and a glass of milk to drink and dinner is served.

Balance, I tell you, balance.

The first day of school came and went and I did manage to get some very cute pictures. #momwin

Ryan thinks he is a big boy, but we are not sending him to school this year. He will be my baby forever.

Hopefully I will be back in a short time (I can’t promise anything). Until then, hope all is well with all of you!