Whole14: The End

Hello, friends!

I decided to end my Whole30 two weeks pre-mature.  I didn’t go “off the rails” or anything like that.  It was just a personal decision I made over the weekend.

Here are a few factors that weighed in on my decision:

  • Gastric Sleeve: I honestly do not think the Whole30 is such a great plan for people who have a reduced-size stomach.  It was extremely difficult for me to eat the meals (even breaking them down into 5 mini-meals) and ever feel satisfied.
  • Plated Fats: Again, I am not blaming VSG, but I think it has a lot to do with the fact that my body does not tolerate plated fats at all.  I was having very bad bathroom issues (not to go into too much TMI) and was having major abdominal cramps after every meal.
  • Lessons Learned: I learned a lot of great lessons through my Whole30 journey. I KNOW we don’t need to have carbs at every meal to feel satisfied.  We don’t need to have senseless snacks in our house for ourselves or our children.  Over the last two weeks I have completely overhauled our refrigerator and pantry.  I have overloaded the fridge with fruits and vegetables. I have said NO to food for both myself and my children more times that ever.  We have truly changed our lifestyle.
  • It’s too much for me: This may seem like a total cop-out, but Whole30 gave me so much anxiety and I was moving into depression and it was totally not good for my mental health.  Yesterday, as I was having an all-out panic attack in the parking lot of Kroger (tears, shaking, hyperventilating, the works) I had to stop and ask myself, “Is this really worth it?” and the answer is a resounding “NO.”

Honestly, I have learned so much from this experience and from my family taking this journey with me.  So many Whole30 concepts will be ingrained in my life (hopefully forever).  I am proud that I made it this far and I am totally giving props to the Rockstars who make it 30 days and beyond.  My BFF is rocking it and I am super proud of her!  But I am also realistic that this is not something for everyone and it is definitely a different way of resetting your diet in such a positive way.

As for my skin issues, I have to say with 100% truth that my skin has been looking better; not perfect, but much better).  I do think I have a dairy issue and I am confident that I will not be adding a ton of dairy back into my diet anytime soon.  Honestly, I didn’t miss it.  I also did not miss rice (my stomach literally HATES rice) nor did I miss most beans.

My joint pain has been so much better as well, but I am not sure if it is directly from Whole30 or that fact that I have been listening to my body much more and am really trying to listen to my body and take breaks when I need to.

In the end, I am happy I even made it this far.  The first few days were HELL and that just goes to show how crappy I had been eating/drinking.  I have learned so much and I really did make some wonderful changes in the last 14 days.  I am looking forward to moving forward in my journey in a very healthful way!


How is everyone else doing?

Friday Tangents

I am a bit irritated today.

I don’t know if it is the Whole30 that is bringing me down (WHERE IS MY TIGER BLOOD???), or if I am just in a rut with life, or what…but I need to get a few things off of my chest.  Since this is my blog and my words, I am entitled to my own opinion on things…

  1. I am super irritated by people who promote diets (okay, Beachbody mostly) whose before pictures are when they are pregnant.  OF COURSE you are going to have a BIG BELLY and BIG HIPS when you are nine months pregnant.  I mean, I am happy that you have found such great results, but seriously pregnant and post-pardom picture are not good “before” pictures.
  2. My daughters basketball game is cancelled again this week because they have no heat in the gym. Seriously?!?!? how long does it take to fix the heat in a building?  And, if you knew at the beginning of the week that is was cancelled, why did you wait until Thursday to make the call???? Now we are missing Tyler’s wrestling tournament for no good reason.
  3. My three year old is on my last nerve.  I love him to death, he is seriously the cutest kid ever, but he is a HUGE challenge sometimes.  I don’t understand why he is so high-maintenance…or maybe I am old and I just don’t have the patience to manage him.
  4. When you are on Whole30 and have to make baked goods for the wrestling tournament this weekend. enough said.
  5. There are some children that I teach that are so disrespectful and unkind that it physically hurts my heart.  How can you be 14 and already act this way???  Good luck parents in the coming years.  Your turning a blind eye to everything they do is doing them no favors.
  6. Why am I the only person who notices filth in my home?  There are four other people who live with me that constantly strep over clothes, leave cups all over the house, and take items off and throw them on the ground.  Who does this???
    I know!
  7. I haven’t had a working dishwasher since before Christmas.  Those who are on the Whole30 adventure know how many dishes are involved at every meal. #firstworldproblems
  8. My nail polish keeps chipping.  I know it is because of the cold temperatures but still.
  9. I finally caved and decided to get a black coffee this morning.  I was so happy about it until I got to work and realized they gave me a coffee with skim milk and hazelnut swirl.  That went right into the trash.
  10. My wonderful husband finished off the rest of my dinner last night.  The part that I was saving for breakfast this morning.  Nice.

I hope everyone has a great weekend.  I am going to work on adjusting my attitude.

I’m Still Standing

It’s been a hot minute.

We’ve been snowed in. Today is our second snow day and we had yesterday off for MLK day so it has been a 5 day weekend.

I am going a bit crazy.

It’s hard to be home and stay on track. Especially when the gym is closed. Of course I could work out at home. But, #lazy.

I have had a lot of hip/back issues so it has been good to take a few days off. I have been active playing in the snow, shoveling the snow, dragging my kids around on their sleds. But I have not had a sold workout since Friday night.

Ryan is our precious snowflake and only stays out for a minute or two and then wants to come in for hot cocoa.


Otherwise things are trucking along. We did eat out on Sunday night but managed to stay compliant by splitting a steak and veggies (ordered without butter or seasoning) and a salad with vinegar. We were definitely high maintenance. Ha!

Other good things I have consumed was chicken chili which really wasn’t chili at all but it tasted so good.

And tuna “boats” that were super yummy. I had that with complaint applesauce and pickles.

My other meals have been very ordinary. Lots of meat with veggies and plates fat. The plated fat is the worst to figure out. I have decided I only like avocado if it is in the form of guacamole with chips. So, no bueno.

I have been painting my nails to keep busy. A lot.

Hope everyone out there is having a great snow day!

Whole30 R1D2

The Whole30 has pretty much taken over my life. I seem to think this is because it is new and I have a lot of learning and growing to do in order to get good at it. Right now I feel like I spend a lot of time at the grocery store. Ha!

Yesterday I went to Aldi and while it was not necessarily a game-changer for me, I did pick up $50 worth of good/compliant stuff.

Side note…I have spent so much money on grocery this week!

I’ve been reading this above book over again. I don’t think I can get too much information at this point. It is good to keep my mind on the prize at the end of 30 days. I have also been working through my journal each day which I love. Yesterday I spent most of my day on the Struggle Bus. Weaning myself off coffee and tea has been a lot more difficult than I thought it would be. I know I can still have coffee and tea, but, for me, they are a vice that I need to tame so I need not indulge in them (at least this week).

I took zero pictures of food yesterday due to my raging headache which caused me to not be able to do anything (for real). I also went to bed at 8 which is not necessarily uncommon for me. I get up at 4:30 for goodness sake.

This is a picture of a hash I made on Sunday that was delicious right out of the pan but does nothing for me warmed up. Breakfast is hard. I am used to having a smoothie or avocado toast for breakfast and those are both non-compliant. I am working on it. Today I tried to have leftover steak and chicken and veggies which seemed to be more tolerable but not awesome either. Each day will get better, I know it will.

Have a great day!

Whole30 R1D1

Day one of Whole30 is in the books.

I took some great pictures (in my undies)of myself that I may or may not show at the end of the 30 days. Probably not…but we shall see.

The day went well. I started with hash and eggs for breakfast with an avocado.

And then I moved right into lunch which was a lettuce salad with mixed peppers and grilled chicken with Tessamae ranch dressing.

Then I had a pre-workout snack of apple and almond butter (I did not take a picture of this).

And dinner was grilled steak, baked potato with ghee and a mix of cabbage, carrots, and celery.

As you can see, I am horrible at taking pictures.

I felt full and satisfied, but the mental thing of not snacking and mindless eating really took a toll on me. I ended up heading to bed around 8. I was mentally and physically exhausted.

I am ready to conquer day 2!

Whole30 Day0

Tomorrow is the big day. Whole30 Day1.

I am going to try and document my progress as much as possible on here. I think it will be good for my accountability but also to just keep it real with how I am feeling, what I have enjoyed about the program, and what has been super challenging.

As for today, I am excited to go into this reset. I feel completely prepared and ready to go.

I did a very eye-opening shopping trip yesterday. It is unreal to me how much sugar is snuck into our food. Crazy. It is hard to find anything processed that doesn’t have sugar in it. No wonder we have such obesity issues I our country. I did find a ton of fresh and delicious food that I am looking forward to eating.

I also cleaned out our refrigerator and pantry so I could basically start from scratch. The hubby and I are both doing Whole30. Our kids are not but they will be eating a modified diet while we are on our reset. And by modified I mean I cleaned out the junk and it will not be returning to our shelves any time soon.

And I have really been thinking about my “why” over the last week. After reflecting for a good amount of time I have realized that my why is simply that I want to be selfish. I want to do something that will push me outside of my comfort zone. I want to see how and where I can push myself to do better and to be better. I want to see if my skin will clear up and my joints & back will feel significantly better. And I want to see if I can get off the last pounds in my weight loss journey.

And that’s that.

My skin is the real motivation. I have never had to deal with acne or anything really (I have been really lucky). But for the last six months it has been awful. Just horrible. I have worn more make-up then ever just to cover it. Ugh…here are some pics:

I know to some people it might not see that bad; but for me it is a most too much to bear.

So, here we go…I am so ready!!!!

New Year

I generally don’t make resolutions. I try to make intentional changes in the new year, but I have always felt like resolutions set people up for failure.

One year I resolved to accessorize more and I really nailed it. Two years ago I made a pledge to myself to get healthy with any means possible. This year I am thinking (I know we are a week in) about wearing more leggings. Ha!

In all seriousness, I am going to try and do a few things this year to help me direct my life where I want it to be. Here is what I have kind-of come up with:

  1. Be present with my kids. Try and not get so anxiety-ridden and angry when it comes to getting the kids ready to go somewhere or when we are running a bit behind. Keep in mind that being late/not being able to commit to something is not the end of the world.
  2. Love my husband. I have spent the past few years being resentful and unhappy with my relationship with my husband. I need to stop playing the blame game and really live life as the best version of myself. This means being a better wife. For sure.
  3. Stay/Be healthy. Mentally and physically I need to be more present with my health. I want to reach my goal weight this year (whatever that is) and feel good mentally as well. This means I need to make some appointments, put my big girl pants on, and just do it.
  4. Find financial freedom. Shawn and I need to be more intentional with our money and how we use it. He has been laid off since August and our financial situation is okay but not great. As soon as he goes back to work we need to start stocking our money away again. Also this may include myself looking at other options this year as well.
  5. Find happiness. I want to find the happy is everything that I do this year. Yes, even in the shitty stuff.

Gearing up for Whole30

Wow it has been about a month since I have written anything here.

Christmas and New Years came and went in a flurry.  Life has been good and the break from school has been just what the doctor ordered.  We did a lot of running but we also did a lot of sitting at home.  I am not a sitter by nature.  I like to be doing things.  But I needed it.  I need to chill out for a bit.  Set priorities.  Research things.  Get a plan going.

I did all of that and more.

I decided in the beginning of December that I was going to try Whole30 after the first of the year.  I have been in a weight loss stall for about 6 months.  Not that I am complaining because I am maintaining, but I definitely would like to take off that last 20-25 pounds. I know eating whole fresh foods will help at least jump start that.  But, more importantly, I have been having a lot of “symptoms” that I am hoping to get some answers to with the change.  Mainly, I have had horrible cystic acne, hair loss, and persistent joint pain for about the last 6 months. I am not sure about the origin of these symptoms, but I am thinking they have a lot to do with my diet.  If I was a guessing girl, I would say it has to do with either too much gluten or dairy, but I am not going to guess at this point.

So, I have been researching Whole30 like it is my job.  I have read the initial book Whole30, I am in the midst of It Starts with Food, and my BFF, because she is amazingly awesome, gifted me with the Whole30 Journal which I have been devouring.  I am making food lists and pinning recipes and trying to do as much prior to Day 0 as I can in order to be prepared and ready.

Oh, and I have eaten my weight in cookies, peanut brittle, and cheese & crackers over the break…so, there’s that.

I am ready to do this.  I am not nervous or anxious or anything anymore (I was for a few days).  I am actually pretty excited about it.  My husband will also be doing it so that will make it easier and more supportive.  And, I am cutting out the crap from our house so that will definitely have a positive impact on the kids.  They will not be following Whole30 per say, but the nature of not having the snacks/sweets/crap in the house will make it easier for them to choose whole/healthy/good-for-them foods.

We just all need a little kick in the booty and we need to have a healthier lifestyle.  I informed Megan that there will be no McDonald’s for the next 30 days and very maturely (for an 8 year old) she said she understood.  We have been talking to the kids about properly fueling our bodies and with playing sports we need to all focus on good nutrition.

I think it is going to be a good transition for all of us.

We just have to finish up eating the 5 million non-compliant foods in our house.

I kid…we are actually doing a huge clean out tonight of a lot of the crap.  It has to go.  It just has to.

In fact, coming back to school today I am excited about eating a bit healthier and having a more set mealtime schedule.  I cannot tell you how many meals I have made out of cheese & crackers (GIVE.ME.ALL.THE.CHEESE).  And then I wonder why I wake up with a huge zit on the side of my nose.

It’s time.  Really time.

And I am ready.