I’m Still Standing

It’s been a hot minute.

We’ve been snowed in. Today is our second snow day and we had yesterday off for MLK day so it has been a 5 day weekend.

I am going a bit crazy.

It’s hard to be home and stay on track. Especially when the gym is closed. Of course I could work out at home. But, #lazy.

I have had a lot of hip/back issues so it has been good to take a few days off. I have been active playing in the snow, shoveling the snow, dragging my kids around on their sleds. But I have not had a sold workout since Friday night.

Ryan is our precious snowflake and only stays out for a minute or two and then wants to come in for hot cocoa.


Otherwise things are trucking along. We did eat out on Sunday night but managed to stay compliant by splitting a steak and veggies (ordered without butter or seasoning) and a salad with vinegar. We were definitely high maintenance. Ha!

Other good things I have consumed was chicken chili which really wasn’t chili at all but it tasted so good.

And tuna “boats” that were super yummy. I had that with complaint applesauce and pickles.

My other meals have been very ordinary. Lots of meat with veggies and plates fat. The plated fat is the worst to figure out. I have decided I only like avocado if it is in the form of guacamole with chips. So, no bueno.

I have been painting my nails to keep busy. A lot.

Hope everyone out there is having a great snow day!

One thought on “I’m Still Standing

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