New Smile

Well the hits just keep on coming…literally.

Yesterday afternoon Tyler was begging me to take him to an awesome park that has kids sized basketball hoops. He struggles in school so I thought this would be a great mid-week pick me up. Ha.

So as he was going in for a dunk, he slammed his face into the backboard and lost his two front teeth in the process.

The blood.

Oh the blood.

I shoved those suckers back up into this gums and we headed to the emergency dentist.

The best case senecio happened in that his nerves were not damaged and everything looked “good” from the x-ray.

They splinted his teeth so they will not be able to move for the next six weeks.

And we left a little poorer (damn dentists are expensive!) but happy that no teeth were lost!

I am traumatized but Ty is feeling good and happy to show off his new hard-wear today.

Now, it is time for everything to be normal for the next 10-12 years!

Not Much Better

So, here we are a couple weeks after my last post and I hate to even say this, but we are still in sinking mode.

Ryan is still down and was diagnosed with Flu A yesterday. I have scrubbed and scrubbed and scrubbed our home, I am feeding my kids vitamins like candy, and we can’t catch a break.


The above picture is two nights ago when Ryan was vomiting so much he just wanted to lay on blankets on the floor. My poor baby.

Poor mommy.

Can I just hope that this is the end of it? Can we please be finished with Flu?

Like, forever?

I am cautiously optimistic.

Until then, may all of you out there be happy and healthy.