Planning for Success

I spent a couple of hours on Sunday prepping and planning my food for the week. I love salads for lunch but hate cutting up the veggies everyday. I LOVE. a lot of toppings. So I decided to prep all the veggies and lettuce so all I had to do was throw it in a bowl in the morning.

I also bought plantain chips and beet chips to try. I have been snacking on nuts and cheese but sometimes I just don’t feel satisfied by those. We will see how this works.

I also made a million Kodiak Cakes for the kids. They love them and they are healthy-ish and I enjoy them too. Breakfast = done.

I also Meal planned dinners for the week so I would be prepared. Yesterday I made meatball subs on yummy bread and they were a hit with everyone in this house.

Tonight is tacos, tomorrow is chicken and rice, and Thursday is Philly steak sandwiches. Friday will be leftovers.

Now that my food is in order the rest of my life is a bit out of control. But I am working on that. Yesterday I put myself in time out and went for a polish change. Fun fact about me…I hate manicures. I only like to get the polish change because I do not like soaking my hands of having my cuticles trimmed. It always causes me to have cracks in my nails.

Then I went to work out and came home a new person.

How is your week shaping up?

Thoughts on VSG 1.75 Years Out

That was me the spring before my VSG surgery 1.75 years ago. I was smiling but miserable. I was desperate and had little hope but I knew this surgery would change my life.

Here’s me in the same shirt. This was last spring but it gives a very realistic view of how my size has changed. I am not smiling in this one, but I am very happy.

I have a good friend who is thinking about having this surgery and I wanted to put into words a few things that have positively changed since having VSG and a few negatives as well (let’s be real here).

Great things that have happened…

  • I am a fit mom. That is what I have always wanted; To be a mom that was fit and healthy and happy. I work out regularly, I eat relatively healthy, and I can keep up and play with my kids for long stretches.

  • I am not the fattest person in the room. I have blogged about this before but I have always scanned rooms to see if I was the fattest person in there. A lot of time I still scan the room and I may think I am the biggest but realistically I am not.

  • I can shop in the “normal” sizes. On any given day I wear a 14/16 pant or dress and a L/XL top. That is down from a 22/24 and 3XL two years ago. Shopping is so much easier now and I love being able to shop in stores like Old Navy, Banana Republic, and Ann Taylor.

  • I am happy but not finished. I would like to lose about 20-25 more pounds. I am happy with my weight loss but there is more to lose. I am happy where I am at but I am not finished losing weight.

The negatives…

  • I am happy but not finished. Almost two years out and I am still not at goal. At first the weight falls off but it gets harder and harder the farther out you are. Your metabolism shifts, you can start to eat more, and you get complacent and a bit lazy with it. If I want to get to goal and need to focus on getting to goal. I have to do it.

  • Some things I just can’t eat. I have not had a “dumping” episode in a long time but sometimes I feel horrible after eating something I have eaten a million times. My stomach is wonky and that is a reality.

  • Everyday is a struggle mentally. I have a fear of gaining. A fear of looking like a failure. It haunts me all the time. Every bite I take. Everyday I skip he gym. It is rough.

That’s it for now. I will be back again for another recap I am sure.