Why I’ve Lost my Blogging Mojo


Anyone out there still?

I have seem to have lost my ability to blog. With so much happening in our lives I want to write about it but I seem to have no time. But that is living life.

Summer has been quick and fun. We are making the most of it. My kids are having the summer I always dreamed of (and had) as a kid. Lots of outside time, pool time, friend time, family time, sports time, camp time, amusement park time. It has been awesome.

Somewhere in the middle of it all my baby turned 4. What the what? Not possible. I’m totally denial.

Tyler made the All Start baseball team.

Megan finished up a great softball season.

And now we are on to everything else. Slow down summer.

Seriously, slow down.

I am still working hard at my fitness and eating. It is still a daily struggle but one that I always kind of enjoy the challenge of. Since the hubby went to day shift it was hard to get the gym in the early morning and I am feeling a bit soft. Exercise has been a priority this summer for sure.

I don’t know when I will be back, but to all of you out there, have a great and active summer!

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