Summer Slide

Reading and Math practice has been a priority for my kids this summer. We have been doing timed math, 30 minutes of free reading and they have been doing reading and comprehension work that I found on-line.

They think I am a “mean mom” and that is okay. I want them to be confident and ready to start third and second grade.

There is a lot of debate among parents about forcing kids to do school work over the summer. Many feel like it is summer and they shouldn’t have to do anything for school and it is bringing them down.

I am on the other side of this debate. I think there is plenty of time for fun in the summer…believe me, we have fun pretty much all day everyday. But I also know that school is difficult for my kids (and for me!) and the more they can work their skills in the summer the more confident they will be come back to school time.

Today they wrote a letter to their teacher telling her about their summer. It is part of a “BINGO” board reading activity. If they complete the board and the summer reading packet then they get a special treat (a lunch out with our librarian) when school is back in session. My kids LOVE incentives and the want to fill in the board.

I am not ashamed to be a “mean mom” by any means. Success in school means success in life. What I do know is kids who work hard in school are much more likely to make good, moral choices in other areas of their lives. So why not give my littles an advantage now?

Before we have “fun” for the day we do academics (and chores…but that is another blog post for another day). And guess what? It has become such a habit now they know to just do it right when they get up. No debate, no deals, no putting it off. They just do it. And they are better for it.

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