Beach Body

I started Beach Body 21 Day Fix on July 9 with a free trial. I took a million “before” pictures, got on the scale (ugh) and went for it. Well, I didn’t totally go for it because I really didn’t follow the eating plan. But I did cut back a bit.

I wrote about my struggles here and knew I needed to do something to get motivated again.

I was pleased that after 21 days I had lost 6 pounds basically only following 1/2 of the program. I didn’t take any “after” pictures because I am not an after yet. But I did feel stronger and I also didn’t feel as hopeless with getting rid of the last 25-30 pounds I really want to lose.

This week I started the 21 Day Fix again (I purchased on demand for a year which includes the first month of Shakeology and a few other bells and whistles). This time I am following the eating plan as well. I decided to go “old school” and write everything down in a notebook for the next 21 days.

I figure I want to give myself every advantage I can get. I also love using colored pens and making things look cute. I also hate not finishing what I started so I am super motivated to fill in-everything everyday.

I bought a new battery for my scale so I am now able to weigh in at home. So I have been weighing myself and it is nice to see the numbers going down down down. I am three pounds from where I was last year at this time so that makes me super happy!!!

The odd thing is, I totally thought I would miss going to the gym but I don’t. NOT ONE BIT! I love having the flexibility of working out at home and I find the workouts to be super motivating. I have dabbled in a couple of other programs and they seem really great. I even convinced the kids to do Country Fix line dancing with me. That was fun!

I will check back next week with some official progress.

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