A Hot Minute

Well, it has been a hot minute since I wrote on here (almost a year).  And I have kinda missed it but not really.  Today I have something to say so I thought I would share.



I said it.

I am not sorry about it.

I know bloggers spend hours putting these together with affiliate links to make the big bucks and all that jazz.  But, I sincerely hate them. I think they are super boring and cumbersome to read and I would rather not.  So I don’t.

But I love blogs so I just keep coming back for more.

I also hate when bloggers turn into 3rd party marketers with companies and all they try to do is push product.  3rd party marketing is the new ad I guess.

But I still read blogs because I love blogs.

That’s all for today.  Maybe I will be back in three months.