Gearing up for Whole30

Wow it has been about a month since I have written anything here.

Christmas and New Years came and went in a flurry.  Life has been good and the break from school has been just what the doctor ordered.  We did a lot of running but we also did a lot of sitting at home.  I am not a sitter by nature.  I like to be doing things.  But I needed it.  I need to chill out for a bit.  Set priorities.  Research things.  Get a plan going.

I did all of that and more.

I decided in the beginning of December that I was going to try Whole30 after the first of the year.  I have been in a weight loss stall for about 6 months.  Not that I am complaining because I am maintaining, but I definitely would like to take off that last 20-25 pounds. I know eating whole fresh foods will help at least jump start that.  But, more importantly, I have been having a lot of “symptoms” that I am hoping to get some answers to with the change.  Mainly, I have had horrible cystic acne, hair loss, and persistent joint pain for about the last 6 months. I am not sure about the origin of these symptoms, but I am thinking they have a lot to do with my diet.  If I was a guessing girl, I would say it has to do with either too much gluten or dairy, but I am not going to guess at this point.

So, I have been researching Whole30 like it is my job.  I have read the initial book Whole30, I am in the midst of It Starts with Food, and my BFF, because she is amazingly awesome, gifted me with the Whole30 Journal which I have been devouring.  I am making food lists and pinning recipes and trying to do as much prior to Day 0 as I can in order to be prepared and ready.

Oh, and I have eaten my weight in cookies, peanut brittle, and cheese & crackers over the break…so, there’s that.

I am ready to do this.  I am not nervous or anxious or anything anymore (I was for a few days).  I am actually pretty excited about it.  My husband will also be doing it so that will make it easier and more supportive.  And, I am cutting out the crap from our house so that will definitely have a positive impact on the kids.  They will not be following Whole30 per say, but the nature of not having the snacks/sweets/crap in the house will make it easier for them to choose whole/healthy/good-for-them foods.

We just all need a little kick in the booty and we need to have a healthier lifestyle.  I informed Megan that there will be no McDonald’s for the next 30 days and very maturely (for an 8 year old) she said she understood.  We have been talking to the kids about properly fueling our bodies and with playing sports we need to all focus on good nutrition.

I think it is going to be a good transition for all of us.

We just have to finish up eating the 5 million non-compliant foods in our house.

I kid…we are actually doing a huge clean out tonight of a lot of the crap.  It has to go.  It just has to.

In fact, coming back to school today I am excited about eating a bit healthier and having a more set mealtime schedule.  I cannot tell you how many meals I have made out of cheese & crackers (GIVE.ME.ALL.THE.CHEESE).  And then I wonder why I wake up with a huge zit on the side of my nose.

It’s time.  Really time.

And I am ready.