Lazy Days of Winter

We are in the midst of our second “cold day” here in southern Ohio. A cold day is like a snow day except you usually find out the night before which is GLORIOUS!!!!

My kids wake up at the crack of dawn on any day, but when you have nowhere to be a lazy morning is the best.

I am still doing Beach Body (currently 21DF Extreme) and I have also added the treadmill back into my life.

I put out to the Universe (via Facebook) that I was looking for a cheap, re: free, treadmill and this one sort of fell into my lap. It isn’t high tech or anything, but it works and I have been enjoying it…and so have the kiddos.

So I have been working out the last two mornings at my normal time and then taking it really slow the rest of the day. It has been amazing.

My kids surprised me yesterday by having a completely impromptu homework session at the kitchen table. Gotta love that!

This kiddo is going to be 8 in four days and I am in complete denial.

And I am loving Color Street so much! It is life changing!

Well I must get back to mindless TV! See you soon…

And stay warm!

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