I Ran a Freakin 5k

My girlfriends and I have a private page on Facebook (we’re cool like that). 

Yesterday Cathy posted a blog from not-your-average-mom about running. I have always wanted to be a runner but I didn’t think I could do it. Suzy (NYAM) said to start by running 30 seconds every 5 minutes for 30 minutes. And just do it. Don’t look at anyone else; don’t feel judged; just do it.

Today was the day.

I started out slow and did my first 5 minutes and realized something pretty quickly…

Running for 30 seconds (at about and 11 minute pace) was pretty easy.  Yes, you heard me right. EASY.

So the second five minute cycle I did another 30 seconds of running and the a lightbulb went off…

I could probably run for a minute.

And then I did it. I walked 4 minutes and then ran a minute.

It was hard but not impossible.

And then halfway through I thought, “you should do a 5k so you have a base time to work from.”

And then I did it.

I walked/ran a 5k in 40.35. 

Not a great time, but a great start and a great confidence booster.

I am so happy with myself. 

I did hard things today. I accomplished something.



2 thoughts on “I Ran a Freakin 5k

  1. Go you!!!! I ran one for my office last year and felt amazing. It’s such an accomplishment especially when you’re a bigger chica and everything hurts yet you didn’t just fall down and die. Massive accomplishment. Kudos to you (^_^)


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